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On Frequently asked questions, you will find hints and ideas about everything from simple steps and moves to suggestions how to solve operation problems in power supply systems, like UPS and generating set , mains disturbance and computer environment.

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Electrolytic capacitors is a common cause to problems with power supply units like UPS, rectifier and switched power supply. Need to be replaced each 6-8 year to avoid a breakedown which can be much more expensive. Make sure there are no leakage at the service-visit.

A broken DC-filter can start to burn an make a big damage.



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Does your battery look like this? If so, it´s no problem to understand that something is wrong, but normally it is very hard to see if a battery has a reduced capacity. The battery has to be tested to find out if it´s bad. Read more about our batterytest methods in battery-tests.




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Image to the left: A bad battery block becomes hot when the cell is bad. This is seen clearly with our infrared camera. The picture shows four battery blocks of which one is bad.

Image to the right: Here is the bad cell in the battery.



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This is how it can look inside an UPS when you havn´t keep it maintained!





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Wrong handling can result in bad concequences!

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