Electronic switches

16Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS-16A)

Automatic Bypass Switch, or Source Transfer Switch, has two power inputs and one power output. Can automagically transfer from one to the other should it go out of limits. RS232/USB port for monitoring. Relay card built in. Comprehensive PDU. For 3KVA UPS systems.

The Power Inspired ATS16A, is a fully featured Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) designed to automagically transfer power from one source to another should the preferred power source fail, aiding in creating a resilient installation for 3KVA UPS Systems. The ATS16A is rack mountable occupying only 1U of rack space.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

-16A max input current

-Powered by two separately independent power sources

-Dual power supply for redundancy

-Provides seamless power switch for IT equipment

-Preferred source selection on front panel

-Highly reliability 19″ rack design (1U) Built-in USB and PS-232 communication

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