Fiamm FLB



Plates and Grids: plates and grids designed for optimal short rate discharges
Separators: microporous glass mat allow recombination and fully absorb the electrolyte
Terminals: threaded female M5/M6/M8 post terminals provide for high conductivity, maximum torque retention and easy installation
Post Seals: state-of-the-art post seals prevent acid seepage over a wide temperature range.
Safety Valve: each cell has its own one-way valve
Flame Arrestor Device: expels excess gas while preventing any errant spark or fl ame from entering the battery
Container and Cover: ABS flame retardant plastic in accordance with flame retardancy
standard IEC 707 FV0 and UL 94 V0 (LOI greater than 28%). Standard ABS is available under request

Applicable Standards
– IEC 60896 Part 21-22
– BS 6290 Part 4
– Eurobat Guide – 10-12 years
– “High Performance”

Product Features
– High Performance
– Long Life
– Safe
– Reliable

HIGHLITE batteries have been specifically designed to give optimal standby performance
for applications requiring high-rate discharges. FIAMM HIGHLITE batteries are Valve Regulated Maintenance Free types with the electrolyte absorbed in microporous glass fi ber separators. HIGHLITE batteries can be installed in cabinets or on racks and minimum installation space is required due to the high energy density characteristics of this range.
FIAMM operates a program of continuous improvement investing in manufacturing
processes, equipment and technology. FIAMM’s Standby Battery manufacture conforms
to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance. Our continuous investment in battery technology is reflected by means of premium products that are of the highest quality and reliability.

Electrical Characteristics

– FLOAT VOLTAGE CHARGE AT 20°C: 13.62 V/bloc (2.27 V/bloc)
– SELF-DISCHARGE AT 20°C: < 2% / month
– TERMINAL TORQUE SETTING: 2-3 Nm for M5/12, 3-4 Nm for M6/12, 7-9 Nm for M6/16, 10-12 Nm for M8/18

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